Homopinguïns proud father of their first baby

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Sydney – Rusks with regenboogmuisjes in the aquarium of Sydney, australia. The male penguins Sphen and Magic are after a long way and with the help of the caregivers, the proud daddy’s become of the baby Sphengic.

Baby Sphengic was 19 October, born.

For the employees, it was soon clear that the two were madly in love was to each other. So they spent just as heterosexual penguins along the breeding season and they built together a nest with pebbles. A family managed, of course, unfortunately not, but we came up with a list for.


The homokoppel received from the carers to have a dummy egg, to see how this would go. They were exemplary parents, and the carers decided to pursue adoption. The lovebirds were given a fertilized egg of their fellow penguin who two had.

On 19 October there came an end to breeding, when the egg of Sphen and Magic blows away the edges, and their little sprout saw the light of day. The babypinguïn listens tentatively to the name Sphengic, named after both his dad’s, but the final name will be announced as the gender is known.


According to the caregivers will Sphengic there is little of it that he grows up with two fathers. Penguins share the care of their offspring the same and there is no difference between the duties of males and females-penguins according to penguin expert Tish Hannan, of the pinguïnafdeling of the aquarium.

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