Fright Ryanair passenger says sorry

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LONDON – air travellers who have recently been in a Ryanair aircraft a racially tinged scheldkanonnade held against an elderly dark medereizigster, for the first time has publicly apologized. David Mesher did that in an interview on the British tv channel ITV.

“I am in no way a racist, and it was at that point, just throw a tantrum,” said Mesher. He said that the woman did not respond when he asked he for her along if to the chair by the window. He received a tantrum and called the 77-year-old woman, inter alia, an “ugly black bastard.”

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In the same tv broadcast said the target of the diatribe, Delsie Gayle, that they are the excuses can’t accept. “I am in my life have never been so insulted”, she said with visible emotion. The incident, that someone was filmed and on social media posted, happened on October 19, in a plane that would fly from Barcelona to London Stansted.

Also Ryanair has Friday responded to. The airline says only a day later of the incident have heard but it then immediately reported to the police. Also, she has immediately apologized to the victim. Ryanair refuted this media reports that the company does not respond adequately to the incident would have responded.

According to Ryanair, the Spanish cabin crew in accordance with the rules intervened and the woman at her request a different chair. The staff has not at that time heard that racist language was used, according to Ryanair.

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