French police find leeuwenwelp in autowerkplaats

f3928551e5c033030d972d12bcb1ca84 - French police find leeuwenwelp in autowerkplaats

In france, Marseille has the police a three weeks old leeuwenwelp found. It is already the second time in a week that a young lion was discovered in a French town.

The police of Marseilles, made after a tip a leeuwenwelp found in a autowerkplaats. The animal, that, according to carers three weeks old, was locked in a cage. The alleged owner was arrested for questioning and later released pending a decision of the public prosecutor.

The cub, weighs only a few pounds and was poorly cared for. The animal was provisionally to an animal shelter to a zoo in the area. Where the little lion originally came from, is not clear.

Tuesday found police officers in a Paris suburb a leeuwenwelp in a court known criminal. The man is suspected to be the animal to have want to sell.

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