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Council of State destroys radiofrequentieplan Sven Gatz

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The Council of State has the radiofrequentieplan of the Flemish government destroyed, reports Belga.

There were a total of 41 complaints against that plan, that minister of Media Sven Gatz last year were required. Many of those complaints are about the four the programme called’s with semi-national coverage: different by the cabinet-Gatz approved files for which frequencies contain inaccuracies, unrealistic figures and outright rules, according to injured parties.

The Council of State not only destroys that contested permits, but immediately the whole frequentieplan. This creates a legal chaos in the station from scratch: all channels, the national commercial radio stations, have actually no rights.

That does not mean that there will be absolute radio silence prevails. The previous frequentieplan, from 2003, was also partially destroyed, that has not then, not immediately tangible effect. But mediajurist Christiaan Lesaffer let there be little doubt that this time something will have to happen. ‘Minister Gatz, this issue is not about the election, to lift and to his successor. There will be something need to happen. We need the text view before we can assess exactly how far-reaching this is, but by this destruction are the legs under his policy weggezaagd.’

Also, Katia Segers (SP.(A), a member of the Media commission of the Flemish Parliament, is pessimistic about this. “This is a disaster for the radiodecreet and the station from scratch. This means that everything must, of the award of the local radio to national stations.’

We could use the cabinet-Gatz has not yet reached for a comment. Will undoubtedly be more. (th)

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