Char-B to select final for the Dutch

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Charlotte Babalola-Biodun is working further on the musical path. She is the daughter of a Flemish mother and an African father, who is in Belgium, was born and raised, and got a feeling for rhythm and music, as it were in the genes.
After a difficult childhood where she was a victim of bullying because of her different skin color and the syndrome of Tourette’s where she as a small child suffer from, went Charlotte to build more self-confidence and the development of her talents.

Where they have half blood was first disowned, enjoy them now, thanks to its different but very beautiful appearance, of extra attention. She was also singing, rapping, writing lyrics, training, … and went from insecure child to a confident, somewhat rebellious, young woman.
Charlotte now has a third single is ready, “Underestimated”, and that means a return to the English, after the success of her debut “Look at me” and after the English-language successor, the “Access Denied”. Daardor is Char-B as zoetjesaan ready to live the stage to conquer with her own repertoire. The video clip is there one for thumbs and fingers-licking good.

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