Andrei breaks the silence

7bfdfa001c996426feb1c3c73fe592cc - Andrei breaks the silence

How would Andrei Lugovski go? That is a frequently asked question. The toxic singer has already been a while at home but still recovering. The singer crept through the eye of the needle. In the meantime this is already better with the singer, and during the night of Thursday to Friday, he wrote something on Facebook. “Day, dear dear people. I can not much write on Facebook but I want to be sure you all {love} to thank you for the support and Strength in every word of your posts. It is now better with my health but I still need to convalesce. At the moment I am not really with music, I’m busy, therefore I do not know where and when my first action will take place. I will not know”, responds the singer that guilty feeling because he already long time no more at Facebook, wrote. “I’m sorry that I so long had nothing to write but I want to again say thank you. I think of doctors and nurses, employees and brancardiers, and sure sure sure Physiotherapists. I think also, of course, not family for their help. And, of course, my doctor.”

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