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VRT-verkeersanker Hajo Beeckman wins the Big Prize Jan Wauters

4af70e9bd07530921b952257ddf91b58 - VRT-verkeersanker Hajo Beeckman wins the Big Prize Jan Wauters

VRT-verkeersanker Hajo Beeckman has the Big Prize Jan Wauters won for outstanding use of language. That made the VRT Wednesday night announced at the event ‘Taaldag 10’ in the Flageygebouw in Brussels. Actor Wim Opbrouck received the Audience award.

The jury described Beeckman as a verkeersanker us with a quiet class clearly and efficiently through the worst traffic congestion leads’.

Wim Opbrouck got the Audience award. Nearly 4,000 people brought in to take their vote and one in five chose the ” Bake Off Flanders’-presenter. ‘His lyrics and presentation are candies for the taalliefhebber’, acknowledges the jury.

Beeckman and Opbrouck follow VRT journalist Annelies Beck and Radio 2 presenter Britt Of Marsenille that last year the prizes won.

The Big Prize Jan Wauters, also a Dutch media personality ‘who excels in the use of English, and whose language testifies to an excellent command of language and a great creativity’. With this award, the public broadcaster, the memory of one of its largest taalvirtuozen, sport’s commentator Jan Wauters, keep alive.

Other nominees this year were Klara presenter Cara Van der Auwera, MNM-nieuwsstem Chaima Saysay, presenter of ‘The Mole’ Gilles De Coster, Radio 1 presenter Ayco Duyster, tv-presenter Thomas Vanderveken, Radio 2-voice Kim Debrie, journalist Lode Roels and Merijn Casteleyn, sports journalist at VTM.

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