Vote to buy? 30 euro

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ROME – If there is no delaying court cases to come, the Italian cinema next month in a special documentary treated, that many a politician would embarrass.

In the district of La Kalsa in Palermo defines the maffia which party the citizens vote.

The 23-year-old Sicilian Ismaele La Vardera last year, was a candidate for the mandate of the Sicilian capital of Palermo, on behalf of the Lega. It was not a great success; he received only 2.7 percent of the votes. But La Vardera did during his election campaign, which was supported by the current deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini, something remarkable. He found that there are such strange things happened, that he decided in secret everything with a camera.

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The most striking event in accordance with La Vardera was a former councillor took him to a secret appointment with a family member of a jailed mafia boss. In the basement of an apartment in the notorious district of Kalsa in Palermo, he heard. “We can get you 300 votes in this district, but you have to every 30 euros pay. The people here want to have something to eat. We decide here for whom they vote, vote differently, they are not.”


When it became clear that La Vardera a double role, played, cooked some politicians of anger. So was La Vardera under attacked by a ba-member.

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La Vardera said that he initially really interested to mayor, and that he never paid a cent of the Lega or other parties has been received. He made the secret recordings in his own words, because he saw that the daylight could not bear.

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