U.S. to send 800 troops to the border to migrants

a59430a656535a7c37c8d4c63c814e32 - U.S. to send 800 troops to the border to migrants

WASHINGTON – The U.s. secretary of Defense James Mattis is expected to be about eight hundred soldiers to the border with Mexico send. The troops need to help prevent the migrantenkaravaan from Central America crosses the border. That, reports CNN, based on three anonymous sources within the U.s. government.

The American minister of defence.

According to the sources, the soldiers all next week along the border are stationed. Details about where they’re going to be sent, have yet to be worked out. The soldiers get mainly a facilitating role. They need to get the border police to assist, who alone is authorised to illegal migrants physically.

Donald Trump had earlier in the day, hinting that military personnel to the border to be sent. “I put the military in this National Emergency. They will be stopped!”, according to the president on Twitter.

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