Trump points out media on ’responsibility’

240cab379d90d697eda9e83afb30ee14 - Trump points out media on ’responsibility’

MOSINEE – The American president Donald Trump during an election meeting in the state of Wisconsin, all parties called in “peace and harmony” to come together, after bound bomb parcels to politicians of the Democrats are sent.

The president said, however, that the media also have a responsibility to a civilized tone to to save. “They need to stop with the endless hostility, the constant negativity and the many unfounded attacks and stories says Trump.

Earlier, the president said in a short speech that the United States is no place for acts or threats of political violence of any kind. Trump received criticism from CNN boss Jeff Zucker, who believes that the White House better on his own words should pay attention to. The news channel also got a package with an explosive sent.

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