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Tour organization, wants to lose power meters and asks ban to at UCI, bonificatieseconden on cols

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It is no secret that Tourbaas Christian Prudhomme has no fans is the power meters in cycling, meters where Team Sky a full Tour of the trust, a thorn in the eye, according to Prudhomme. During the Tourpresentatie, he indicated that he and the UCI want to ask for the next Tour de France the meters and to prohibit.

“The beauty of course is unpredictable, ” says Prudhomme. “Power meters to destroy a bit of the heart of the course, the uncertain, and therefore, we will ask the UCI to ban in the upcoming Tour.”

The chance that ASO that done, however, seems very small. Riders are not to jump to their meters and it is at odds with the technological evolution that the sport is undergoing.

Bonificatieseconden on cols

This year took the Tour with bonificatieseconden in the final of the first nine rides. This bonificatieseconden come back, but in a different way. “We assign them to eight cols of ‘important places’ during rides,” says Prudhomme.

The principle is not new, only it is adjusted in the Tour of 2019. “Bonificatieseconden will be awarded in eight stages, on the summit of a col or ‘Mûr’, or a specific place, this is to attackers reward”, said Prudhomme. “So you have not only time bonuses on the finish line, but also on the road and that will be some of the gc riders might be inspired to undertake anything.”

In the last edition went to three, two and one second in the end of the race, ASO would now like to more bonificatieseconden assign. “Personally, I find that you have more seconds to assign five -, three-and-one at those places,” said Prudhomme. “But at this moment we can not yet say how many seconds it is. We still have some clearance with the UCI.”

So, it will be at least three, two and one second, preferably more, and in the following stages: third stage (the Côte de Mutigny), sixth stage (the Col des Chevrères), eighth stage (the Côte de la Jaillière), ninth stage (the Côte de Saint-Just), twelfth stage (Hourquette d’Ancizan), the fifteenth stage (Mûr de Péguère), eighteenth stage (Col du Galibier) and nineteenth stage (Col de L’Iseran).

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