Students of KU Leuven will win zonnerace

31183d5ca8e0356fcf1e2ea263dd7ca8 - Students of KU Leuven will win zonnerace

After eight generations of Leuven students who own a vehicle powered by solar energy built, the Punch Powertrain Solar Team finally managed to run a race for solar cars to win.

Of the four teams in the class for cars that only use solar energy to drive, ended that of the university students Thursday as primus in the Carrera Solar Atacama in Chile. The other three teams are Chilean.

During this race for solar cars, both in terms of course, when the weather conditions is known as the most extreme in its kind, had a total of 2.577 km, from Santiago to Arica in the north. Along the way it went in the Andes mountains up to 3.430 m high and by the atacama desert.

The Leuven team explained the 2.577 km in a span of 36 hours spread over six days. “During the race, the team, the solar car pushed to the extreme. With the exception of a few minor electronic problems, we have the race flawlessly taken, ” says pilot Peter Galle. The team consisted of 21 engineering students of the KU Leuven. The solar panel took on a certain time, the peak power of 1,200 watts, a new record for the car.

The next challenge for the students is the world championship for solar cars in Australia, on the 13th of October 2019.

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