South Korea finds bodies during demining

5498423316703c2e3832d14a363939d6 - South Korea finds bodies during demining

SEOUL – South Korea has for the first time remains are found during the ontmijningswerkzaamheden in the demilitarized zone (DMZ) at the border. The layers on Arrowhead Ridge, where heavy fighting during the Korean war in the fifties, message, news agency Yonhap.

The remains of a soldier who has fought during the Korean war in the fifties.

The found remains are thought to be of two persons. Also, is a badge found a sergeant called Suit You-kwon. The authorities are going to DNA test for sisters from Pak to see if it was indeed his body that is now salvaged. In the area there are probably also still remains of French and American UN soldiers.

North and South Korea have started this month on a joint operation to mines road. Then later directed to be searched for any remaining bodies. It is estimated that in the DMZ, thousands of bodies of soldiers from South Korea have been left behind, says the ministry of Defence of that country.

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