Sandra Bekkari openly about her biggest fear

Sandra Bekkari openly about her biggest fear

Sandra Bekkari will experience great times. Thanks to her cookbooks, and her work for VTM experience them professional glory days. But ever chose it consciously for her family… And there it slumbers, then her greatest fear…

Sandra Bekkari was 32 years old when she gave birth to Anna. In the Story describes the VTM-cook how motherhood her as a woman has greatly changed. They also took some important decisions in that period. Sandra Bekkari was aware less going to work in those first years after the childbirth. Until she was three years old Anna was in the first place. Sandra wild-the first years of the life of her daughter, intense experience and also breastfeeding can give. Hugely satisfying…

Meanwhile, Anne is a pubermeisje of 13 years and Sandra indicates that she (plus)kids can’t miss, but that they are sometimes in need of a childless day, she laughs in the Story. Yet the fear sometimes to the heart. Sandra Bekkari admits that she is a concerned mother is, as many. Risks, she tries to avoid, but her biggest fear is that they Anna would have to leave. They want to be there for her daughter, at least until they are on their own legs.

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