Robert Jensen: ‘Talk shows insane one-sided’

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In his new personality the show would Jensen be the viewers ’tour guides through the current confusing times of today, ” he says. With his guests he starts a discussion on topics such as the Brexit, fake news, Trump and the ” plastic soup.”

Jensen calls the current talkshowaanbod on Dutch tv ’insane ‘ one-sided’. “It’s all one sound. That is because the Vara monopoly on talkhows in this country: you can’t between. I have my program first offered to the NPO. But public service broadcasting is, for me, what China is for business people: such a large country, so large a promise. In the end, no westerner business is really something for each other in China. They allow you to a little inside and then they throw the door as hard as close. It was the same with me and the public broadcaster also. Me is literally said, we realize that we sound a little radiate. In the meantime, I found a page at: WNL thought it was a fantastic idea. I finally got Suzanne Kunzler (zendermanager NPO3, ed.) an email: “despite the fact that I have the possibilities and the opportunities, see, I have decided not to do’. There followed a ridiculous argument about opportunities to new talent. Although I am already fifty years the same headings, see in public broadcasting.”

Was pleasantly surprised Jensen then with the enthusiasm at RTL for his idea. “I thought at first that this their craft was. That they have more in entertainment were, all safe wanted to keep.” Jensen contradicts that his show is a response on RTL Late Night with Twan Huys on the zusterzender. Already limited his criticism of the current talk-offer to the public broadcaster. “I dare indeed the statement that is currently all the talk shows in the Netherlands, a one-sided view.”

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