President Maduro: vice president, Pence is crazy

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CARACAS – Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro has the American vice-president Mike Pence “crazy” and “extremist”. The American had the government of Venezuela accused the fund of the migrantenkaravaan that is on its way to the United States.

Mike Pence would be “crazy” and “extremist”.

Vice-president Mike Pence had said earlier that it is “unthinkable that there are no people with a background from the Middle East would be in a crowd of over seven thousand migrants marching towards our border.” He said that “in the last fiscal year, daily at least ten terrorists, or alleged terrorists are detained at our southern border.”

President Donald Trump claimed, but admitted later that there is no evidence for the assertion that terrorists from the Middle East sit among migrants from Honduras towards the U.s. border to draw.

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