Kaj van der Voort seized by boksvirus

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“It is really very tough, but great fun”, says Kaj for the camera of the ANP on training. “I learn so much. I think that’s so cool about this program and to this whole adventure: you will learn so much from a sport that I think I have the following nice result, go.”

Kaj is ready for his match against Rein van Duivenbode. “I’m a little done with the workout, I feel like in the race.”


That also goes for Danny Froger. “I can’t wait until we have the ring to go in. My opponent is Taeke Taekema, a golden olympian, an elite athlete. I know for sure that he is really ready for it.”

Also Danny had “no experience with boxing” before he was approached to Boxing Stars. “I’m really a layman, but find it a lot of fun.” The singer had ups and downs during the training process. “The sparring is quite intense. Someone deliberately want to hit in your system.”


The first ladies competition is Wednesday between Jessie Jazz Vuijk and Laura Ponticorvo. “I underestimated Laura certainly not,” says Jessie about her opponent. Laura is convinced that she “really tried” to the model, but has trouble with the boxing. “It is not an easy sport. You must all the time continue to reflect and that requires a lot of you. It is redundant: physically and with your little head. That combination should see you.”

That agrees Jessie. “I think it’s underestimated. Boxing is not something you equally get the hang of it. Especially technically, you should be on a lot of things to watch out for,” says the model, which is “suf” trained. “It is not only the beating.”

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