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Hein Vanhaezebrouck expected “infernal command” for Anderlecht and berates to goals: “Cool behavior”

fb4d37e5a04a36fd39840829664d5030 - Hein Vanhaezebrouck expected “infernal command” for Anderlecht and berates to goals: “Cool behavior”

Anderlecht gave Thursday night a 2-0 lead from hands against Fenerbahçe to end up 2-2 to conclude against the Turkish vicekampioen. With the first point of the season in the Europa League shoot-the Belgian recordkampioen however, nothing on.



2 – 2


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With one-on-nine, two home matches behind the back and the relocation to Istanbul in the future, threatens the European power off for RSC Anderlecht. That would be the first time that purple-and-white in the Europa League beyond the group stage hit. “I had said that we in this two-part series four to six. I would have preferred to win at home, but we are not lost and therefore, we are not yet fully exhausted, though it was a hellish assignment in Istanbul”, realizes Anderlecht-coach Hein Vanhaezebrouck.

“To go there and to win is a tough one. That will be an interesting match to see if the boys learned anything from the race today. Football is football, we still have something to play for. In a defeat it was now all about.”

“Cool, undone”

With two hits brought Zakaria Bakkali, purple, white 2-0, and later was an advantage on a few minutes more again. “For me it was interesting to see how we here against a team for the day would come. I have guys seen that still many steps need to convert and that is also one of the reasons why we who lead can’t hold. That might be cool nevertheless and I am pleased that we are then not completely onderuitgegaan. It is clear that we are at this level yet, however, what steps need to convert that maturity can only come by playing a lot and hopefully attract the boys in there quickly with the necessary lessons from them.”

Bakkali was Thursday yet again the absolute luminary in purple-and-white, where he is completely above the water seems to come. “And he is not even on the level at which he wants to be”, put Hein in his admiration. “It is rising, I can see that, in time, very well come. He now sits at two times ninety minutes this season, the previous five seasons was that hope, and all four times. His first goal was the collective good, with the second hit he makes on his own the difference.”

In the first still in strong position was Pieter Gerkens then heavy in the error. “He has excused everyone. That happens once in a while. A pity, because he was good in the match. I suggest, however, that it is not the first time that such a still in strong position to grasp it. Against Cercle was the case. It is a little too much for us. Also the second goal was much too easy.”

Cocu “peace tie” at Anderlecht

Phillip Cocu picked up with Fenerbahçe an important point, Thursday evening, on a visit to Anderlecht (2-2) in the third match day in group D of the Europa League.

The Turkish vicekampioen made a 2-0 deficit to undo, leaving them with four to nine, on course for European wintering. “With a 2-2 after such a match we have to accept,” said the Dutch coach after the match in Astridpark.

“In the first half we also had a goal earned. I found it very disappointing that the home team’s first real threat could immediately score. After the break, then attacked pretty quickly that second goal and then you know that it will be difficult, especially against a team with the qualities of Anderlecht. Thanks to a good attitude and a lot of discipline in the team we knew two more times to score, and we even had the opportunity for that third goal”, said Cocu.

The Fenerbahçe coach, saw both Anderlechtse hits in the name of Zakaria Bakkali, who he knows from PSV Eindhoven. Bakkali was there in the summer of 2013, after all, by Cocu in the first team dropped. “Zakaria has today are qualities displayed, we could not avoid that he became more dangerous. Even with dense cover, he can create chances and in addition, he was also very efficient: three chances to deliver two goals.”

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