Half-sister: Meghan lied about tuition in speech

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Meghan speechte for students and staff of the University of the South Pacific, her first speech as a member of the British royal family. The former actress, who, in may prince Harry is married, told that they themselves paid for her education at the American Northwestern University. “I am fully aware that for many people it is a challenge to a training fund. Thanks to scholarships, financial tools, and a job on campus I could go to the university. Without a doubt, it was all worth it”, said Meghan.

According to Samantha, is the statement of the duchess a “ridiculous” lie. “You can’t lie! Our father has our training paid in full, this talk is not true”, she responds via Twitter. Samantha, who also tweeted from Meghan to keep, came in for their father, Thomas, with whom the duchess since her wedding, no more contact. “They would women have to inspire with the truth, and gratitude”, says Samantha. “A role model with gratitude and the truth, no lies.”

Samantha is one of the family members of Meghan who is regularly heard since the American to have a relationship with prince Harry had. They sneered several times to her half-sister and was not invited to the wedding. Last month she flew to London in the hope to talk with Meghan. At both Buckingham Palace Kensington Palace was Samantha, however, does not go beyond the gate. When Harry and Meghan announced that their first child is on the way, called Samantha in to positivity. “As a result, everything disappears what happened last year into the background.”

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