FBI warned for extreme right violence

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AMSTERDAM – The United States are in the grip of a series of bound bomb parcels that Wednesday have been sent to high leaders in the democratic party. The U.s. Secret Service intercepted a suspicious post for former president Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, the rival of president Trump in the previous elections.

Outside the building of Time Warner in New York, where CNN is housed, has the opruimingsdienst for explosives the street cordoned off.

Also other democratic politicians and the financiers of democratic campaigns George Soros were the target of suspicious packages. The editorial staff of tv channel CNN in New York was evacuated after the discovery of a bombrief, which was addressed to former CIA director, John Brennan. This former spionnenbaas is known for his harsh criticism of the current president.

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The postterreur takes place two weeks before the important elections for the House of Representatives and the Senate. The atmosphere surrounding that vote was already strained by the increasing polarization in the United States, both camps, both democrats and republicans, demonizing each other.


The first of the bompakketjes Monday was delivered to the house of billionaire Soros north of New York. An employee found the staafbom of approximately fifteen inches in the letterbox and threw the object then in the groves of the villa in Bedford. There, the police brought the later to blast.

It would go to yellow envelopes, with explosive powder attached to it a pipe with explosives. Former attorney general john Eric Holden was the target. As a sender to at least one envelope is Debbie Wasserman Schultz. She is the former chairman of the democratic party.

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President Trump came out with a harsh condemnation of the despicable acts.” I am angry and upset”, he said. Also he called for Americans to unite. ,,Political violence has no place in this country.’ Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York spoke of ” a terrorist act” but also concluded: ,,There is a lot of hate in the air.”

Police focus more on the location of the couriers the parcels from Soros and CNN would have left. About the perpetrators or a motive, nothing is yet known. But the first suspicion goes to extreme-right groups. Last year warned the FBI and the department Homeland Security for threatening terreuracties by racist right-wing extremists.


Former splinter groups of whites, who are superior esteem, and neo-nazis seem to be increasingly working together. In addition, they were, according to the FBI, between 2000 and 2016 is already responsible for 49 murders and 26 attacks.

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Since the previous campaign for the presidential elections, in which Trump was pumping against the in his eyes, ” left-wing CNN, the atmosphere between the two political currents quite hardened. Trumps positioning vis migrants is one splijtzwam, but the most obvious was that split up during the appointment of chief judge Brett Kavanaugh.

After a demonstration of right-wing extremists last year in Charlottesville refused to Trump the racist groups directly to sentencing. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, democratic leaders on Capitol Hill, Trump, therefore, partly responsible for the new terror. ,,Time and time again, he has physical violence glossed and Americans divided with his words and actions.”

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