Disappointed Bertens has everything in own hand

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Kiki Bertens: ’

Bertens was on the verge of a 3-0 lead in the third set, but then struck two double-faults in one game. After the race she speaks of an ” unhappy gamepje’.

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Bertens frustrated by ’shaky’ service

“Of course, you give her a chance and trust. The double faults are there at this time, unfortunately, to a lot of in. The second service is the last few weeks already shaky. But generally, I service a lot better than in the previous game. Only it went wrong at an unfortunate time, that is bales.”

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Bertens lost in thrilling three sets of Stephens

Bertens doesn’t look extremely disappointed, but admits that she is: “I would every moment be in tears from can crack, though. This strikes me heavy. I’ve given everything and physically it was a very tough match. I have for my feeling not much more to be done. I have to be here peace, but that is also difficult because I want to simply win.”

“Okay, I have again good tennis. You see me with these girls. There, I must trust, one last time, giving everything. Maybe this is the last race of the season. But maybe there will be one or two.”

Naomi Osaka

Bertens has her fate in their own hands and with a victory Friday on Naomi Osaka, the winner of the recent US Open, the semi-final to reach. But it can also be her last race of the season.

At ten o’clock (Dutch time) occurs in the Match against the sensation of the season from Japan. At half past two, Angelique Kerber and Sloane Stephens facing each other. When Bertens in two sets to win, she is going as groepswinnares through to the last four. If they are in two sets loses, she’s off and she can go home. In all other cases (i.e. a profit or a loss in three sets) Match depending on the course of the match between Kerber and Stephens.

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