Dakota Johnson plays secret second character in Suspiria

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She plays in the apache resistance of the film is the twin sister of her character.

Dakota Johnson has a double role played in the remake of the horror film Suspiria. She plays twins in a short scene.

The actress from Fifty Shades of Grey plays the lead role in the film by Luca Guadagnino. She is Susie, but the director reveals that they also have a second role as the twin sister Naomi of her character. That happened in a very short scene at the beginning of the film.

“For a second you see Dakota as her sister,” he told in an interview with Vulture.

Luca suggests that he initially plans had been to Naomi a bigger role in the Suspiria story, but ultimately he kept it in the short scene.

“She plays two roles, but the second role is not in the movie that comes out,” said the filmmaker, who also with the actress worked on A Bigger Splash 2015.

“She’s really great, and she is really cool”, yells Luca about Dakota’s acteerstijl. “She’s scared for anything back, they are going to make.”

Suspiria, a remake of the original from 1977, Dario Argento, is about an aspiring dancer who signs up for an all-female dance academy in Berlin. They discovered that the school is governed by a heksencollege. The film begins this week in the premiere.

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