‘British people want to charter boats for Brexit without agreement’

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The British government wants a Brexit without agreement, charter boats to the land, of sufficient food and medicines. That should be a potential chaos by new controls in the strait of dover to avoid, writes the Financial Times Tuesday.

“We remain confident that we have an agreement with the EU reached”, says the ministry of transport in London on this to the German news agency DPA. ‘But it is but wise that the government and the industry on different scenarios prepared.”

In a ‘No deal’ may be the route between Dover and Calais soon a bottleneck, said chief of staff David Lidington to the Financial Times. By checks on the French side would be half a year long, only 12 to 25 percent of the normal capacity available.

As an alternative, would chartered vessels on less busy routes can sail and other British ports. In addition to nutrition, and medicines they would also cars can carry. Car manufacturers in Great Britain fearing delivery problems.

The pressure on the British prime minister Theresa May is constantly increasing, also in the own party. Brexit hardliners threatened in recent days a revolt. Wednesday night she had a meeting with its critics to a vote of confidence in order to avoid. May put her position safely with a ‘plea that right from the heart came, ” said former binnenlandminister Amber Rudd.

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