Brazil may choose the “dictatorial leader”

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RIO DE JANEIRO – About 147 million Brazilians can Sunday the new president elect, and polls indicate a large victory of the right-wing populist and ex-military Jair Bolsonaro. His opponent of the left-wing PT (workers Party), Fernando Haddad (55), had in recent polls with the support of 43 percent of the respondents do. The rest supported the 63-year-old Bolsonaro by an assassination attempt in september was hit. He carried only on the background of the campaign.

Jair Bolsonaro (L).

According to some observers is that one of the reasons that the popularity of him as stormy is increased. He can still voters be scared, because he has no clear plan unfolds, coarse curses desirable, and violent intervention and military leadership is cautious. In the first round of the presidential elections, he won with 46 percent, by far the most votes, mainly thanks to his tirades against criminals.

His bewildered opponents stress that he is the military dictatorship (1964-1985) want to return and furthermore, gays, native americans, black Brazilians and women hate. In the run-up to Sunday, he is presented as a danger for the entire planet, because his government to the end of the Amazon rainforest would mean.

Fernando Haddad

Most of the Brazilians are wars of Bolsonaro’s gebral, but to think that he’s the only alternative to corrupt and failed politicians. Haddads PT has the country from 2003 to 2016 is ruled, Since the oil prices about five years back plummeted, the social progress made under PT president Lula da Silva was booked, collapsed. Tens of millions from poverty were pulled back in. They are due mainly to the PT.

Bolsonaro’s message that hard intervention and military rule, is so bad it is frightening to very few voters. The Brazilian dictatorship was, with approximately four hundred were murdered or disappeared political opponents over 21 years of time not the bloodiest in the region. The voters are afraid for the criminal bloodshed that this year alone, to 34,000 people has claimed the lives (until 1 september). That is almost 100,000 since the beginning of 2017. Live In Brazil 8 percent of the world’s population, but approximately one third of all registered murders in the world committed.

The country is looking for a way out of the impasse of rising national debt, economic downturn, costly and failing public services and crime. The need to prove or Bolsonaro and his economic mentor, the liberal Paulo Guedes, who can find.

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