Bonnie Tyler is coming to the Kursaal Oostende

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This summer blokletterden various glossy magazines: “The eighties are back. But a revival of the eighties is not really possible together with the singer with the eighties embodies. On may 5, 2019 is Bonnie Tyler in Kursaal Oostende with her “BETWEEN THE EARTH & THE STARS Live 2019” tour. In the spring of next year there will be a new album of that same title will carry.
Since 1981, Bonnie Tyler forever connected with ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’. By Jim Steinman (among others, known for ” Bat out of Hell’ by Meat Loaf) written monsterhit was the singer with the coarse-grained voice in one fell swoop, a world star. Thirty-seven years later you can start with the opening line “Turnaround, every now and then I get a little bit lonely And you’re never coming round” everywhere in the world the dance floor do fill up with water. In 2003, a bilingual cover of the song ” Si Demain (Turn Around)’ once again a hit.
Bonnie tasted before, all of the success with previous hits like ‘Lost in France’and ‘It’s a Heartache’. When ‘It’s a Heartache’ was released, compared the critics of her voice with that of Rod Stewart that is the number in 2006, eventually also recorded. In 1984, she sang on the soundtrack of Footloose Holding Out for a Hero’. A number that -after a full life – 20 years later in Shrek 2 would end up.
A night Bonnie Tyler is synonymous to topentertainment in the spirit of the best of Janis Joplin and the most exciting of Tina Turner. The presale starts on Friday 26 October at 9am via

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