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Bitcoin exchange MBAex bring Dash to South-East Asia

d274691f319f953d19de43510d59c932 - Bitcoin exchange MBAex bring Dash to South-East Asia

MBAex, the largest Southeast Asian trading platform for Blockchain Assets, has decided to Dash as a new Asset in your Portfolio. From the 31. October offers the platform for Dash trading pairs with USDT, BTC and MDP (the Token of the platform).

MBAex takes Dash in your Portfolio. According to a press release, BTC-ECHO, come, currently, 70 percent of platform users in the Chinese countries (China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau), 20 percent from South-East Asia and 10 percent from other regions. MBAex currently has between 200,000 and 300,000 active traders per day, with up to 1.8 million hits on the Website. CEO Sebastian-Ionut Diaconu 1.3 million users who have completed the KYC procedure. Through the Integration of a larger user opens Dash base than was previously the case.

The trading fees of the site are 0.05 percent to 0.1 percent. Traders to get detailed information from the stock exchange. MBAex plan in the next two years in addition to expand very strongly.

Not only MBAEX: more and more projects integrate Dash

MBAex also stated that Dash will be integrated, as “they would always opt for the projects with the greatest potential to meet the needs of its users”. Also, the payment processor SlithEx from South East Asia, has integrated Dash already, to be able to its users a greater range to offer. Many of the projects have opted for the Integration of the Dash, just the practicality of the crypto-currency is the most important. Due to this, the demand for further stock exchanges that facilitate the purchase of Dash increase.

The Dash DAO allows for a variety of integrations

The Integration of the Dash to MBAex was realized in cooperation with the Dash Embassy-CH, which is exclusively financed by the Dash-Treasury and integrate closely with the stock exchange. Similar successes are also other initiatives of the Dash DAO. For this purpose, about Dash, Venezuela count, Dash Merchant Venezuela, Dash Columbia, Dash Nigeria or Dash Hub Africa. You benefit mainly of local Knowledge and local contacts. This could increase the Dash is the number of accepting merchants is now over 3,700.

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