Art Rooijakkers: ‘I’m frustrated’

3dbba4f25de14def3352d4af638ed6ae - Art Rooijakkers: 'I'm frustrated'

“I find it stupid how everything is going. So I am particularly frustrated about if I’m honest,” says Art News. Tuesday, it was announced that Dennis stops with the presentation of the program to focus on his own company. It soon became the name of Art named as his successor.

But the presenter, just in the service of RTL, won’t know whether he is there or pull in. “I don’t know to be honest. Certainly not as the picture now emerges that Dennis needs to leave by me, because that’s just factually not correct.”

The two have had contact about the whole situation. “There is a lot about Dennis and me talking, so we have each other yesterday just spoken, that seemed to me important. Furthermore, it is still far from fixed, I’m going to present it.”

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