Ajax and Feyenoord like fans in Classic

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An image from 2017: the players of Ajax like to thank the fans for the support during the final training in the run-up to the Classic with Feyenoord.

In the run-up to the Classic from Sunday (14: 30 in Amsterdam) have Ajax and Feyenoord expressed the wish that next year uitsupporters welcome to the clash between the two rivals.

“It’s true that what Feyenoord are also this season it is not possible to the Classics to play with uitfans there,” said an Ajax spokesperson.

“What concerns us this was possible. The sooner the talks about the upcoming season to be started, the better. Our position is known: we find that in all our matches, the supporters of both clubs present.”

Uitsupporters are already ten years old cannot be accommodated at the Classic because of irregularities in the past.

“It is intended early next year discussions to start with Ajax, the supportersverenigingen and the municipalities,” says Wigan. “These discussions last year on the initiative of Feyenoord also been launched, but these were again on hold after riots during the championship swim meet between PSV and Ajax.”

“The approach of the interviews is to examine how, perhaps, already in the season 2019-2020 again uitsupporters at the Classic. Because football is of course meant to play in the presence of supporters of both clubs.”

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