Year old Teddy (6) invites 32 classmates: no one comes

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Tucson – It is the fear of every child (and parent). You can invite all your classmates for your birthday party, nobody showed up. It happened to the 6-year-old Teddy from America.

It would be a nice dinner in a pizzeria in the city of Tucson. Teddy invited all his 32 classmates to join with him to celebrate his birthday and eating pizza but no one showed up. That tells Fox 32.

The mother of the sad and at the job, published a heartbreaking photo of her son on Facebook. Teddy sits alone at a long empty table, which was filled with pizza and empty plates. “I’ve just had it with parties,” writes the mother of Teddy above the photo. To ABC15 tells the mother that a small number of parents, the party had cancelled, but the rest just let him down.

Journalist Nick VinZant picked up the picture and shared it via social media with the rest of the world. “If you’re able to Teddy, and happy birthday to wishes, you can under this post leave a message,” said the tweet from Nick.

Hundreds of people responded to the call, including DJ Khaled, who is Teddy like a birthday present, it wants to send on behalf of the ’We The Best Foundation’. Also has the basketball team the Phoenix Suns, the boy invited to a competition to attend.


Under the message that Fox 32 wrote about the birthday party of Teddy, writes Raven Cherokee, that the family of Teddy lying. “My little cousin is at that party, it must be that they are this picture have to be created before everyone was there,” writes the woman.

According to her mother the whole story figured out in order to gain more gifts to get and virally. Later writes to Raven that she was joking and had not expected anyone so would save her message.

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