XXXTentacion known abuse girlfriend

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The twenty-year-old Jahseh Onfroy, the real name of XXXTentacion, was at the time of his death in anticipation of the beginning of a lawsuit. He was indicted for domestic violence, intimidation and influencing of witnesses. He denied all the accusations.

The public prosecutor thought with the audio clip, the proof is in your hands. The recording would have been made around the time of his arrest in October 2016 after he was accused of battering his ex-girlfriend. To hear how the rapper on the woman, of whom he thought that she cheated, talk.


XXXTentacion says that he and his girlfriend attacked and that they then be terrified of him. He also says that he will kill them if they still agree with his feelings play. In addition to the threats XXXTentacion also a steekincident in Florida. “I’ve been in the news because of a stabbing. They have three wounded, but there were eight,” he says. Also gives the rapper admitted that he was his ex-manager neerstak.

XXXTentacion was in June shot dead in his car in front of a motorcycle dealer. The perpetrators were not specifically on him after. After his death, the judge of all the criminal cases around his person.

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