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Tennis Star Wozniacki starts the crypto Token

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Tennis star Caroline Wozniacki has signed an agreement with the Global Crypto Offering to Exchange (GCOX), to start their own crypto Token. The company stated that it had been expected that the Ex-football star Michael Owen and Boxer Manny Pacquiao would be the First to start their own Token in the next year, according to Reuters on 18. October 2018.

GCOX promotes itself as the world’s leading Blockchain platform, the Stars, the way to “Krypton” of your reputation, and your Reputation paves. The Startup allows Stars your own crypto-currency, the so-called “celebrity-Token”, which can be used by Fans to pay for exclusive content from the Stars. GCOX is that you can make a profit by the transaction fees.

Wozniacki, who won in January, her first Grand Slam title at the Australian Open, is the latest icon, which connects to the Blockchain-Party, but it’s not the first Champion that is associated with a Blockchain company. GCOX, you could win Pacquiao and Owen as investors for the company, in addition to a member of the house of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Khaled bin Zayed al-Nahyan.

In an interview with Reuters, at an autograph session, which was conducted by GCOX, said Wozniacki:

To be the first athlete that has its own Token that is really cool… I’m looking forward to try this before other people start to deal with it.

GCOX said that the Token offer to the customers the opportunity to communicate with their beloved Stars, to interact, and that the Celebrities will receive a portion of the Token sales.

GCOX CEO Jeffrey Lin said the following:

If all goes well, we will publish in the first quarter of 2019, the first celebrity Token.

This is how it works:

To buy the VIP Tokens, you need to acquire potential customers first of all, the in-house Token from GCOX called ACM, which is recently launched. Lin refused to answer the question, how many ACM tokens have already been sold, but: “In theory, we try 300 – 600 million US dollars”.

Wozniacki said that she is very motivated to increase their strong performance in the last season again to create a second title win at the WTA finals on 28.10.2018 in Singapore. Crypto Ticker recently reported on a series of messages, to currencies of the developing Connections between the Sport and the Crypto. These are currently mainly driven by European football teams. PSG and Juventus are the first in the world-famous football clubs, what are your plans for your own Fan-Token announced recently.

A few days ago, the French top team Paris Saint revealed-Germain plans to introduce its own crypto-currency. In addition, the football club has entered into a multi-year strategic partnership with the Blockchain platform . The issued Token will be listed on the platform provided. It is thus possible for the Fans, by the life of the club in the Form of votes, or Online surveys. Token holders have the advantage that you get access to exclusive rewards, content, and experiences. The platform will ChiliZ-use tokens, which were developed by the Socios-founder Alexandre Dreyfus.

Juventus FC Piedmont, is a professional Italian football club based in Turin, also starts with the Blockchain platform a Fan-Token. The football Association has announced a multi-year strategic partnership with the Blockchain platform. This tradable Fan-Token allows Fans of the Clubs from all over the world, via a mobile voting and survey platform. In this way, will coordinate the Juventus FC with his Fans, so that the reputation of the Fans can be heard. Thus, an emotional connection between the Club and its Fans. Juventus Fans will have the opportunity to buy the Token using an advanced System called Fan Token Offering (FTO) and plans, the Fan Token to publish in the first quarter of 2019.

Berlin-based crypto fans: Tomorrow, Wednesday 24.10.2018, Bitcoin as a gift. The Blockchain-Bank Bitwala distributed free Bitcoin to try it out at the Brandenburg gate. More information can be found here.

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