Saudi crown prince speaks for the first time: “Death Khashoggi is a horrible crime’

1363ebdb128cb8343abc707ba57e98d4 - Saudi crown prince speaks for the first time: "Death Khashoggi is a horrible crime’

The mighty Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman has for the first time, publicly spoken about the violent death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. He called them ” not good to talk’. Meanwhile, called Bin Salman also with Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan about the investigation into the death.

Crown prince Bin Salman called the death of Khashoggi on the economic conference “Davos in the desert, “” a hideous crime that is not justified’. Bin Salman promised that all guilty parties be punished would be, and that Saudi Arabia and Turkey will work together ‘to achieve results’.

In the context of that examination, said Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan that he was in a phone call with the Saudi crown prince Mohammad bin Salman talked about ‘joint efforts to bring the murder to clear up’.

Tuesday still had Erdogan again stressed that his country will ensure that the murder is not glossed over. In a speech in the country was broadcast, declared Erdogan that he does not doubt the sincerity of king Salman. The name of crown prince Mohammed, he called not.

The Saudi royal house had only after heavy international pressure, admitted that Khashoggi in the beginning of October, in the consulate in Istanbul was killed, when he got there papers for his marriage, wanted to pick up. Riyadh maintains that the journalist accidentally was killed during a brawl.

On that version there is, however, much doubt. Several traces point to the immediate vicinity of the crown prince, who more and more culture, government wields. His involvement is by the saudis, however, categoriek denied.

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