Putin threatens with missiles

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AMSTERDAM – Russia will be nuclear missiles to target European countries in the future offer the same American weapons. That has the Russian president said in a joint press conference with the Italian prime minister Conte.

President Putin spoke Wednesday with the Italian prime minister Conte in the Kremlin in Moscow.

Putin warns that this is the consequence will be if the American president Trump his intention to continue to kernwapenverdrag INF on to say. That treaty of 1987 prohibits the development, production and placement of mediterranean afstandraketten.

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,,If the US withdraw, then the main question is what will happen with these missiles as soon as they are available’, stated Putin. ,,If they are to Europe, then we will have to answer. European countries who agree with the placement, if it comes, must understand that they take the risk of a counter attack.’


Putin did not understand why the Americans, the security of Europe in the guts. The Russian president fears a new arms race up to hit the continent in the last century so much anxiety inboezemde.

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The Us national security adviser John Bolton visited just the past few days the Kremlin. The two agreed that Trump and Putin soon in Paris will meet.

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