Golf to bombrieven plaguing politics USA

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New York City – The FBI has bombrieven intercepted to the American ex-president Barack Obama, to Bill and Hillary Clinton, and news channel CNN were sent. President Donald Trump is to be informed. The White House is taking the situation “very seriously,” said an officer. The actions are “despicable” and the officials will make fines, according to the White House.

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At the house of former presidential candidate Hillary and former president Bill Clinton in Chappaqua in the state of New York was Wednesday, an explosive between the post found, reported The New York Times. A moment later, was in Washington a suspicious package intercepted that to the American ex-president Barack Obama was sent.

John Brennan

The package containing a possible explosive device in the mailroom of CNN in New York is found, was addressed to the former CIA boss John Brennan. Report this to local police officers to CNN.

Brennan, who served under president Barack Obama, is a regular guest on CNN and a critic of Trump. Brennan made the beginning of 2017 as CIA chief place for Mike Pompeo.

This package was found at CNN:

Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Eric Holder

There would be a fourth suspicious package has been delivered to the democratic representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz is in Florida. However, the address of Debbie Wasserman Schultz was on the package of Eric Holder listed as the return address. Because the package is not afgeverd could be when Eric Holder came in the package to Wasserman Schultz.

Andrew Cuomo

Wednesday was a sixth package found that was addressed to Andrew Cuomo, governor of the state of New York.

Maxine Waters

Maxine Waters, a member of the House of Representatives of the United States, received Wednesday afternoon a suspicious package:

Suspect packages: here is CNN broadcast interrupted

Then came a message that also a suspicious package to the White House, was intercepted. But this post turned out to be incorrect.

George Soros

According to a government official, the explosive for the Clintons of the same type as that previously found in the home of billionaire George Soros in Bedford. The package contained an explosive powder, according to a judicial source.

According to the newspaper was an employee of Soros a package in the mail. When he openmaakte, he saw something on a bomb looked like. Then he brought the package to wooded area in the neighborhood and called the police. Soros himself was not at home.

The suspicious data packets to Obama and the Clinton’s were during routine checks by the FBI immediately identified as potential explosives. The Clintons and Obama have the packets not received, and they were also not present to receive them, according to the FBI. The package that CNN had sent, was found in the mailroom. It is now removed.

It is not clear whether the incidents are related.

Statement Secret Service

In a press statement confirms the United States Secret Service finds, with the former presidents, and writes that there are “two suspicious packages have been intercepted that were directed at persons who are protected by Secret Service.”

Response Trump

Vice-president Mike Pence via Twitter to let them know the attack attempts to condemn: “These actions are cowardly and reprehensible and will not fit in this country. Grateful for the actions of the Secret Service, FBI and local units. These acts shall be condemned.” Trump then gave themselves fully to join in this response.

Response To Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Wednesday afternoon (local time) in Florida, a press conference was held, and the employees of the Secret Service thanks: “It is well with us. But, these are turbulent times.”

Comment mayor of NYC

Bill de Blasio, mayor of New York City, has also spoken. “This is clearly an act of terror, an attempt to our free press, and leaders to undermine through violence.”

The purpose of such action is the society to terrorize. Blasio spoke of a very disturbing incident”. The situation is under control and there is currently no concrete danger that there are still more targets to be hit in New York. However, the presence of the police in the city increases.

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