Twenty injured by a runaway escalator in a metro station, Rome

In a metro station in Rome is an escalator Tuesday night runaway. It got about twenty people injured.

On images via social media to circulate is to see that the pace of the escalator in the subway station Repubblica suddenly extremely increases. According to witnesses, there was a hard slap. The people who are already taking the escalator down went, had too little time yet in safety.

The Corriere della Sera reports that most of the people on the escalator supporters of the Russian football club CSKA Moscow. The club plays Tuesday night in the Champions League against AS Roma. According to the newspaper hit the escalator disrupted by drunken Russian supporters on the escalator were to jump.

According to a spokesperson of the Italian agency for civil protection were twenty people injured, and one of them is in critical condition. He added that all the injured persons of the Russian nationality.

After the incident was the metro closed. The fire department had people who were stuck between the treads of the escalator free. Of a victim had the leg to be amputated, writes Il Messagero. In the panic that followed the incident, were then still a few people injured. They were with bruises and broken bones in the hospital.

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