Kobe Ilsen and Danira Boukhriss about their relationship

Kobe Ilsen and Danira Boukhriss about their relationship

For three years, Danira Boukhriss Terkessidis and Kobe Ilsen together television and all as long talks of the rumors that they have a relationship with each other. Or is Kobe Ilsen, yet together with Viktor Verhulst? Candid give Danira and Kobe response to all the questions…

Danira and Kobe together present About Food, but also about other themes with a clear mind ready. As dare, they’re also a difficult theme as the #MeToo-movement extract with their personal insights. Danira was in her life not only confronted with racism but also with the fact that she, as a woman, in circles, had to go where men have the say. Then punch you in uncomfortable situations. Many, in fact, is “weggelachen” while there is often something amiss. How do you as an intern to the insinuation that there is a contract sitting if you agree to eat with the boss? How do you feel about this? Danira is also pleased that women who have long not dared to speak, now have the courage that you have found their story, tells Danira in Humo. That some men talk about a witch hunt to find Danira “bullshit”. But Kobe Ilsen wants, and yet distinguish…

Kobe gives in Humo that he is a physically inclined person. Despite the fact that he never has complaints had please he more on, to avoid misunderstandings. But where you draw the border? Kobe admits that he and Danira often cuddle, but that may be because they are comrades. But compared to an intern with whom there is a certain power dynamic is he will seem more distant stance. And that is a difficult balancing act… But it has Danira has a different opinion about. “Some bosses ask me if they me can say that I have good appearance. Do not overdo it, he,” speaks Danira clear language in Humo. “There is still a clear difference between a compliment and harassment with suggestive messages?”

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