Guillermo del Toro makes for the Netflix remake of ‘Pinocchio’

c8d5163e570dd0eb80a9ea076cd173d4 - Guillermo del Toro makes for the Netflix remake of 'Pinocchio'

“Oscar” Italian Guillermo del Toro goes for Netflix a remake of Disneys animatieklassieker ‘Pinocchio’. Del Toro, earlier this year, four-time “oscar” Italian with his nostalgic monsterfilm ‘The Shape of Water’, stands in for the scenario, the production and the directing of the remake in the form of a “musical comedy” with puppets and using stop-motiontechniek. In the original children’s story by Carlo Collodi’s Pinocchio, a wooden puppet who comes to life.

The Mexican filmmaker Del Toro for the film adaptation the help of the Jim Henson Company, the company named after the creator of the Muppet Show and sesame street. In a press release, Netflix says the 54-year-old del Toro that animation of him always especially fascinated and that Pinocchio the character, is that he is still “the most connected” has felt.

The remake has other accents: Pinocchio remains an innocent soul, but now he is a by his father in the abandoned boy who lost imagine yourself in a world which he cannot understand. Through an extraordinary journey he learns that both his father and the real world know. Furthermore, chose del Toro for the movie to play in the fascist Italy of the 30s, the era of dictator Benito Mussolini. The motif of the nose that gets longer with each lie, is preserved. The politically inspired Collodi term are Pinocchio down in 1880. For his film, filed away Walt Disney, as usual, the sharp sides of the story.

For del Toro’s ‘Pinocchio,’ his first animatieprent, though he has experience as a producer of animated films for DreamWorks studios.

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