Flemish co-production ‘Another Day of Life’ nominated for European Film Awards

3edbe6b8651b0b381b7127a696ec576b - Flemish co-production 'Another Day of Life' nominated for European Film Awards

The Flemish co-production ‘Another Day of Life’, a documentary by Raúl de la Fuente and Damian Nenow, has been nominated for the European Film Awards in the category of Animated Feature. It reports the Flemish Audiovisual Fund today.

‘Another Day of Life’ is a Polish-Belgian-Spanish co-production with Walking The Dog as a Flemish partner. The film went in may, the world premiere at the Cannes film Festival.

‘Another Day of Life’ tells the story of a trip that journalist Ryszard Kapuscinski in 1975 made in Angola. The Polish star reporter spent three months daily report of the grim war that followed Angola’s carnation revolution. More than forty years after the legendary trip report brings ‘Another Day of Life’ the experiences of Kapuscinski to life with a hybrid documentary in which archival footage mixed with animation and live-action elements.

In addition to ‘Another Day of Life’ is also Luke Dhonts ‘Girl’ was nominated in the category for best European feature debut (the European Discovery Award).

The 31st European Film Awards with the announcement of the winners takes place on Saturday 15 december in Seville.

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