New talent: Cozin

ef766092b1b10c02c33aa8ce51f4823c - New talent: Cozin

The Ghent-based trio Cozin again shows us with the single ‘Would You Care?’. At the end of last week was that the world made as the melodic harbinger of more new material early next year, comes to the surface. The dreampop band, with as distinctive given their polyphonic harmonies backed by strings and electric piano, went for this release in the sea with producer Steve Greenwell. No little boy, because he was already getting started with Arrested Development, Joss Stone and other impressive names.

COZIN’s publisher, had in april a meeting with the man which the first album of COZIN, ‘Burst’, was heard. Hearing that plate was for the reputed knoppenman apparently convincing enough to get out of its own initiative, a proposal for cooperation across the ocean to gorge. Very long was in Ghent not pondered about that proposal and at the end of July traveled Greenwell to Belgium. In the Johnny Green Giant-studio, a new studio in Oostakker, he recorded two singles with the trio.

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