Video – Robben with a red sent off the field

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Arjen Robben can’t believe it, he must with the red of the field.

With a 2-0 lead at the start of the second half made Robben a minor infringement on Elvis Rexhbecaj, but that was for referee Guido Winkmann sufficient to make the winger his second yellow card of the afternoon for to keep.

The author had Robben shortly before rest also all punished, when he made a schwalbe in the penalty area and made him the scorn of the Wolfsburg players in part fell. In the peace made Robben a chat with the referee about the, in his eyes easily given a yellow card. That picture was the Dutchman after rest so fatal.

Seven years ago

It was the second red card for Robben, in his time at Bayern. More than seven years ago, on april 9, 2011 was Robben in the slotminuut sent off the field. Also in his time at Chelsea saw the vleugelaanvaller already red.

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