Dana Winner: “I have doubts about a second child”

Saturday were Dana Winner and her daughter Chinouk a guest on Ann Van Elsen in The Family Van Elsen on Joe. They were talking about the education of Chinouk, life as a single mother, and Dana’s hidden desire for a second child.

Dana talks about the education of Chinouk and how it is to be a single mother to be: “Where I have the most trouble with them, is often off on vacation with the two of us. If you’re going to eat and you see other couples sit down with their children, I think: it’s actually good for you if mother and father are together. You also take together decisions. If there is anything, it happens that you say: go that to our ma questions. Sometimes I also think that it would be fun, if Chinouk things with her dad to discuss, so they have a different opinion is heard. Because even though I’m with someone else, it’s her dad not. And even though Staying with another woman, it’s her mom didn’t. A compound family is not always rosy.” Also Chinouk is not always easy to find the right balance: “Where exactly do you draw the line between what is your new partner against your child can say and how that should occur?”

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