Anouk doesn’t allow children on social media

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“I love standards and values,” says the mother of six children, last year a procedure has to run so they are not more pregnant, in AD Magazine. “Speaking with two words. Not that whiny ’jahaaa’ as the answer. Then I listen just not. And it is not abused. They say no shit. That is chips. That cock I don’t. If there is a begin, then do number two also. I rebuke itself is real sometimes, but less than in the past. And always outdoors.”

Also in terms of social media, Anouk clear guidelines. “I forbid it. It is a waste of time. If you are out of the house, okay. My son is 16 in August to Florida left. He is sitting on a high school and wants to realize his dream and basketball player. “Mom, can I go on Instagram” he asked. ’And then people can follow me, how I play.’ Okay, I said, but then I want the account or jointly manage. So I can test things off. That’s already happened, yes. I don’t want any crazy selfies in bathrooms. Things are back to catch up on the internet. There you will regret it. I find that I, as a parent, a job I have my children to guide.”

The singer is selective with the inclusion of her children to her performances. They don’t look like their mother at a festival. “At one big show, as I do. They tell me afterwards how stupid they me found move. “Mom, that can really not anymore, that little dance.’ Or have I again said something. Phoenix said last year: ’Mama, said now you fuck on the stage? Bad word.’ Then I think: that I, in any case, well done.”

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