This woman rode in 125 days around the world

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BERLIN – The Scottish Jenny Graham (38) is the first woman to be alone in the world rondgefietst in 125 days with taking along all of her baggage. They arrived Thursday evening in Berlin at the Brandenburg gate, where on 16 June in eastern direction had left.

Surrounded by family and friends.

With her performance earned Graham a place in the Guinness Book. The old record stood at 144 days.

Graham explained in a total of about 29,000 km. The four transfers by plane and boat trip are not included. The traveller from Inverness took part in her sporting journey fourteen countries on four continents.

The chosen route ran by Lithuania, Russia, Mongolia, China (Beijing), Australia (Perth-Brisbane), New Zealand, United States (Anchorage), Canada (Halifax), Portugal, France and the Netherlands (Limburg).

The euphoria is great at Jenny Graham.

660.000 calories

Graham had planned a day of sixteen hours on the bike and a small 300 km to drive. On its website, estimated the total number of calories consumed on 660.000. After returning to the German capital, waited except cheering family, friends and the British ambassador also burgers for the worst pull.

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