Emmen-coach corrects itself: ’PSV is the best’

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Dick Lukkien

The formation of Dick Lukkien is in the Philips Stadium, is an attempt to be on the forefront PSV for the first time this year points cheat in the league. “PSV is not for nothing all two-year home unbeaten,” says the coach of the number 14 of the Premier league compared to RTV Drenthe. “And they are not just after eight duels all on thirty goals. But dreams are always allowed to”, winks Lukkien.

Head and shoulders

The trainer of the Drenthe team, who this season already eight points sprokkelde, estimated in the beginning of this year Ajax as being the strongest in. “PSV and Ajax cross currently head and shoulders above the rest, and the two clubs are PSV the best,” says Lukkien. “That proves the stand, very simple.”

Earlier in the competition lost Emmen on a visit to Ajax with 5-0. “But PSV makes me a very good impression. It is a team with a lot of specific qualities, the players know of each other what they are doing and it is clearly in accordance with a vision worked and that you can see in the results.”

Check out the program and the position in the Eredivisie.

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