Emile Ratelband expected baby ’is eight months after christmas’

The 69-year-old Emile Ratelband know exactly when it is, women need to fertilize

In News, he tells about it openly. “One woman wants a caesarean section birth, before the appearance. That I have to agree with her. Then follows a cosmetic surgery, then I call Robert Schoemacher.”

The fertilization should be all along the natural way to happen’, let Emile know. He knows exactly where the women are in their cycle to sit and when he thus, with them, the bed should dive into. “Then I expect it with christmas more to know and we still have eight months ahead count.”

The former tv personality gave birth in the summer quite a stir with his plans. The 69-year-old Emile is already the father of seven children with three different women, and wants no relationship, only a woman who gave him a child. The surprise about the fact that there are actually women responded to his appeal, then, if possible, even greater.

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