Cardi B: ’They ruined my vagina!’

02bbb8f6228ebf78ca805643c69769a4 - Cardi B: ’They ruined my vagina!’

“Why warn anyone you do this?”, she responds. “No one told me that my vagina went attach! People said only to me: ’If you are going to give birth that hurt’. But no one said frankly what it really means. My vagina!”

Cardi B also didn’t know who all there in the delivery room would be if she had her baby in the world went. She was also surprised that her parents, her mother-in-law, her husband Offset, her sister and her manager in July were present to Kulture on the world to welcome.

Despite all the discomfort wants Cardi not one child, but she wants to be there for three or four, she revealed to Kimmel. “I enjoy motherhood. I had you already should have when I was a teenager. This I missed my whole life, I love you!”, said the young mother the camera against her daughter Kulture.

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