Wendy Of Mittens responds to break-up with French

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“There’s nothing about having to say and the first time a bit soothing to do the job, it would actually be ideal … “, so start Wendy Of Mittens her reaction to the news that she and French after 12 years apart. Actually had Wendy the news like a while kept quiet, but the French thought otherwise. “But completely hide what cannot be hidden can remain is not an option”, the singer further. “There are so many emotions and sensitivities that are talking about it is difficult to make, and although we realize that this is over a number of months, perhaps less difficult, we are right there on today. Even the introduction to what we want to say is almost not, but French, and I go for the moment through a tough time … we have decided to at least temporarily from each other and mutually the time to think, to heal and to rest. We also realize, however, that with a short notice of these facts, the risk of a damaging rumor mill is not non-existent, and we love that just a little bit of our sad hearts, but hope yet to be able to count on understanding that we, as I said, for the time our energy to better use than publicly about circumstances in detail to pasture. No questions asked and a little bit of patience, we could very much help… Much gratitude in advance therefor, not only of ourselves but also of the children.”

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