Anne De Baetzelier ready for the return of Ten To See

7c10f62728c03b4c5b61f49886c70139 - Anne De Baetzelier ready for the return of Ten To See

Since 2008, we see Anne De Baetzelier no longer on television, but next year it celebrates Anne her thirty year anniversary as Miss Belgium, and the now 54-year-old beauty is ready for her comeback…

In 2008, stopped Anne De Baetzelier VTM. Afterwards, she was still occasionally appear on television as a cooking show or her participation in Expedition Robinson but all in all it stopped the television. But without a job fell to Anne De Baetzelier never. Anne De Baetzelier continued corporate parties present, at home and abroad. With some clients, she built up a relationship of more than 20 years. And in that world you become less depreciated than on television. “For presentations do people with maturity still added value compared to vegetables, if I ’t, as some may say,” explains Anne De Baetzelier in Day All.

For Anne De Baetzelier stopped at VTM had them several times yourself projects made but there was never positively responded to. “At a certain point, it stops.” Anne De Baetzelier described himself as “the puzzle piece that didn’t fit anymore.” On the other hand, Anne De Baetzelier never thought that she was more than twenty years, well in that televisiepuzzel would fit. There was also a younger generation, to which, of course, also opportunities to get. However, Anne De Baetzelier a comeback to television certainly sit.

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