Trump calls Stormy Daniels ’horse face’

NEW YORK – Donald Trump has taken to porn star Stormy Daniels. On his beloved Twitter call the president her ’horse face’. Her lawyer Michael Avenatti is, according to Trump C-garnish.

The president makes his statements after he filed a lawsuit won of Stormy. That had Trump sued for defamation because the president a performance of her ’a total con job’ called, but the judge took that under freedom of expression.

’Nice’, tweette the president. ’Now can I find a horse head and its third-rate lawyer’, according to Trump, then the word ’con job’, an outline or a preconceived plan, again repeated.

Avenatti reacted as stung by a wasp. “You’re a vrouwenhater and a disgrace to the United States,” wrote the lawyer. “How many other women you have your wife cheated while you at home baby?”

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