Southgate: ’the English players can be very proud

Coach Gareth Southgate and Marcus Rashford are happy with each other.

“The players can be very proud of what they are here tonight show”, wonder coach Gareth Southgate compared to Sky Sports. “We have the attackers to focus on the opportunities that are there layers in the transition and that they have a fantastic run. The rest of the team was compact and very disciplined play. From there we have a few great goals created,” said Southgate, who include the young Ben Chilwell (21) and Harry Winks (22) praised for their action in the basis. “They have very adult played.”

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England makes for a thrill in Spain

Gary Lineker

England played Spain in the first 45 minutes complete search and had to rest a 3-0 lead over the competition. Unprecedented wealth for The Three Lions, who for 31 years had managed to score on Spanish soil. Gary Lineker was in 1987 the last one. Raheem Sterling wrote his name in the annals by a quarter of an hour the score to open, followed by the 0-2 of Marcus Rashford.

Grand victory

“This is a great victory for us,” said the latter, in reference to Harry Kane, in a controlled manner for the second English goal made. “With the football that Spain is playing, you know in advance that this is a very tricky away game. That is why this victory is great for our sense. It gives a lot of confidence, though we know that there are still many things that need improvement,” said Rashford against Sky Sports.

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